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Virtual 1:1 Training


Guided Home Workouts

Can't leave your home right now but are craving to stay or become fit and healthy? Are you feeling sore in your back and neck due to working from home?

You might be asking yourself, why book a personal trainer, when there are so many free tutorials? This is why: 

  • I've created an exclusive online personal training.

  • I still coach you individually and will help you to execute your personal workout routine without any injuries

  • Your training will be modified for you with what you got at home: Place to work out, equipment or not - no problem.

  • The sessions will be live via zoom

  • Anything is possible: fitness, therapy, mobility - You name it.

Let's have a video call to get to know us before starting training. I'm happy to answer all your questions. 


Monthly Fee

CHF 440.--

Special Offer until 30.04.2020

CHF 396.--

3 trainings per week (30min 1:1 workouts)

Limited slots available

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