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"You are not working on your body; you are working on changing your life".

About laura

Welcome to the world of personal transformation where all levels are welcome! I’m Laura, your dedicated partner in achieving your health and fitness goals. With 7 years of experience, I’m here to guide you every step of the way to a better version of yourself.
Thanks to in-depth studies at renowned schools, I’ve acquired the solid know-how and knowledge needed to deliver lasting results. My expertise is enriched by learning about methods from the USA, used by top athletes. By integrating these strategies into my programs, I give you access to techniques that have proven their worth in the field of sports performance.

Training tailored to your goals

In our personal training sessions, you will learn to lose weight in a healthy way:

  • Through physical activity, in the form of endurance training and muscle building
  • Weekly schedule with everyday exercise activities
  • Integrating movement into everyday life
  • Adapt eating habits to the new lifestyle

Which muscle groups need to be strengthened for your job/everyday life? In our sessions, we’ll work on your individual goals and get you closer to your desired form :

  • Stronger back, less tension in back, shoulders, and neck
  • More power = more self-confidence
  • Strong core, strong physics

As a certified Functional Range Conditioning coach I will help you to reinforce your mobility, build strength and prevent injury with different methods :

  • Functional Range Conditioning to stimulate the nervous system, muscles, tendons, and joints
  • Stretching, Blackroll, Dorn- / Breuss-Massage
  • Massage of individual hardenings with the massage pistol (Hyperice Hypervolt PLUS)

As your health coach with qualified education in training therapy, we also talk about your accident, your rehabilitation or physiotherapy, and all the challenges your body is facing. Your personal training can be combined easily with your other healthcare measures.

  • Injuries or physical complaints
  • Prevention of pathological complaints (arthrosis, diabetes)
  • Postoperative rehabilitation

It usually takes three months to change eating habits. This period requires discipline and a reasonable dietary plan. We will establish together the diet that is for you.

  • Nowadays most of us know: Diets do not work – keyword: yo-yo effect
  • You should develop healthy eating habits, without diet
  • Sustainable change in diet consistent with everyday life
  • What should I eat for a better metabolism and muscle building?

Define your needs and achieve your goals together

why choose laura heckel ?

My workouts are more than just workouts; they’re tailor-made to suit your needs. I personalize each session to help you make optimal progress.
By working with me, you’ll benefit not only from effective training, but also from support in adjusting your diet and overcoming your difficulties.
Don’t wait to take control of your health and well-being, and push your limits. Contact me today to discuss your goals and plan the first step towards changing your life.

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