"In the face of injuries and chronic pain, our spirit's resilience becomes the catalyst for transformation."

The Objective

With my personalized training program, regain comfort and control of your life despite the challenges you face.
Pain management techniques promote strengthening, mobility and relief, improving your quality of life on a daily basis.

How will I assist you?

Physical exercise

I will help you by creating personalized coaching programs to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s a physical injury or disorder, pathology prevention (osteoarthritis, diabetes) or post-operative rehabilitation. We’ll start by understanding your challenges, goals and concerns. Then I’ll design workouts and pain management strategies that promote strengthening, mobility and relief.

I’ll teach you techniques to better manage pain on a daily basis and improve your quality of life. My role is to support you throughout your journey, providing practical tools, advice and constant encouragement to help you overcome obstacles and regain your well-being.

How will I assist you?

Physical exercise

We live in a culture of sitting, which often leads to muscular tension and pain.
As a certified Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Coach, a method created in the USA by Dr. Andreo Spinae, I’ll help you improve your joint mobility. Through targeted exercises, we’ll increase your range of motion and strengthen your tissues. You’ll learn to control your movements safely and progressively, for better joint health and increased fluidity of movement.

I use a variety of methods to achieve this:
Functional Range Conditioning to stimulate the nervous system, muscles, tendons, and joints
Stretching, Blackroll, Dorn- / Breuss-Massage
Massage of individual hardenings with the massage pistol (Hyperice Hypervolt PLUS)

Achieve your pain management goals with personalized coaching

A typical session with me

During a session, we’ll discuss your pain and goals, then carry out mobilization and strengthening exercises adapted to your needs. I’ll show you techniques for managing everyday pain. You’ll practice under my supervision, and we’ll make gradual progress. At the end, we’ll plan the next steps to improve your well-being. My role is to guide you and provide you with the tools you need to manage your pain proactively.

A typical session with me

In a typical Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) session with me, we’ll target your joints with controlled, progressive movements.

We’ll perform mobilization, active stretching and specific strengthening exercises to improve your mobility.

You’ll learn to better control your movements and strengthen your joints while promoting flexibility. Each session will be tailored to your needs, helping you to achieve a better range of motion and prevent tension.

Your step-by-step guide:


Discuss your goals and evaluate your current movements


Pain management exercises


Strengthen affected areas and restore functionality



2 to 4 sessions per week for real results

By following my program, from 4 weeks onwards.