Health coach and personal trainer in Zürich, sincere, authentic, and natural, I give my 100% to establish a personalized method adapted to each person. I embrace a body positivity approach and empowered my clients with a direct and sincere coaching method.

«You are not working on
your body, you are
working on changing
your life.»


It will surprise you to read this, but fitness was not always my passion. What ?

For twelve years I was a club promoter in the international club scene and traveled the world. It was a great experience but after a decade of long, loud, and hectic nights, a burnout brought me down to earth. I realized I had to change my life radically. How to reach this goal? I immediately began to educate myself to become a trainer, changed my diet, and with the help of yoga and meditation, I learned to be more aware of myself and to reflect better.

Strong and healthy again, I have been working for seven years with men and women who desire the change as much as I do: a new body, a new life. Because the world of fitness also has its limits, I am constantly expanding my knowledge. Training therapy, prevention, and rehabilitation are part of my personal coaching.

Your body is unique and reflects your life. That is why I do not offer an off-the-shelf training plan. I respond to your individual needs. Most of us have, for example, a weak neck, a crooked thoracic spine or bad postures due to the western sitting culture. To me, getting fit and healthy means supporting you in your history and giving you strength – the stronger and more mobile your body is, the more stable you are in life and you can achieve more than you might imagine now. I am ready for you. Are you ready too?


  • Fitness, Functional Range Conditioning, Strength
  • Training therapy and health prevention
  • Strengthening of self-confidence to face life with power


  • Dr. Gottlob Institut Stuttgart: Training as a certified “Master Personal Trainer”
  • Paracelsus School Zurich: Training as a sports medicine practitioner
  • Functional Range Conditioning specialist
  • Spine therapy according to Dorn-Breuss
  • Sparkcycle Zurich: Training as “Indoor Cycling Instructor”